The ignorance is a blessing ( or not! ).

The problem is centered already in the moment we are conceived. Kind of rough, right? But that is the truth. In the moment we were conceived somebody already started to think on how special we would be in this life and then all seemed to happen surrounding our interest and well being. Our fathers since then try to set up the whole environment to make it better or more suitable to us. Our mothers eat differently trying to ingest what it should bring more interesting components to our own nutrition. And then the advent comes: our birth comes to take place!
And then all continue when we grow up. Our society and surroundings always try insistently to impregnate on us the ideia that everything we have contact is better then what else is in the rest of the world. But let’s narrow down our analysis to what concerns this blog: religion.
Also here in this field we have since the beginning the idea that what comes with our natural given education from our environment is the best of what possibly exists. Or, at least, the best we could seek for. I mean, when a person is born here in this cristian environment, normally he might think one church is better than the other, but he is uncapable, most of times, to ask himself if the cristianism even is the better path. We are not, in this matter, able to criticize ourselves in order to get at least to know the other religions or filosofies. With all that in mind, we have now the birth of a very ugly thing in our lives: prejudice.
And in most of the cases, as we grow old, the things get worst, because as the time passes, we have more and more experiences to add and to build up our list of stereotypes and prejudices towards everyone or everything. This is very strong and we talk about internal believes and jugdement of values. That is why this goes mainly in the religion direction. Everyone has its own pre-judgement of what each religion is and this prejudice brings a lot of intolerance. We always think the others are more stupid than us, only because we can not face the possible truth of we being the stupid ones. Mainly when the religion regards to the oriental culture. We do not have any rights of judging other believes if we do not get to know them. It is selfish, ridiculous and idiotic. But this is how we are told to feel since the very beginning of our lives. Our religion is the best one, my filosofy of life is the most intelligent or adequate and my way of thinking is the most correct one. For God’s sake! When are we really going to learn that does not matter if a person is black or white, short or tall, cristian or hinduist? At the end of the day, everybody is human, have feelings, expectations, love, things to be attached to and own created values? Of course, the filosofy of life as well as the religion brings some specific perspective on how a person looks and faces life. For instance, for the hinduist the astrological configuration is a really strong factor that influences the definition of a wedding date. And obviously this impacts on how a couple lives in deciding when to marry, which process can be very different in our western tradition. But in both cases, the point is the same, to marry ( or whatever is the name properly given in each specific culture ).
Always in any given moment of our lives we use our spiritual or religional structure in order to face a fact. And normally this happens in the very extreme situations we encounter: death, birth, catastrophes, etc. Some can think on praying to Jesus in order to get the soul saved and guarantee some piece of heaven; others may just ask Kali to merciful and provide a safe passage from this to the other incarnation. But again, in the end of the day everybody awaits for his life to be extended somehow, because we are just terrified of ceasing of existing. And there again we are all equals: the scary after life possibilities are there for all of us, even the atheists ones, who actually when are about to die claim, even though in secrecy, to any god in the moment available in order to get ride of their weight in the consciousness or to grant a better after-living.
The main point of this text is really to say that the filosofical and religional ignorance that manifests in our daily lives is actually only a blessing to ourselves, because in doing so we do not get in touch with our own stupidity of thinking that the best concepts are actually the ones we live with. It is like to think our garden is the most greener and natural environment we have without even knowing the AmazĂ´nia exists. This is not filosofy or religion. This is pride, prejudice and ignorance blessing us!

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